Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Environment Canada expands its Northwest Forecast program

The ability to make for a more concise forecast is the guiding theme for Environment Canada as they expand on their online delivery of weather information for residents of the Northwest, splitting the North Coast Inland area into three distinct sections to better serve the public.

The new roll out of information delivery has been taking place over the last month with many areas of British Columbia receiving expanded forecast areas as part of the project, though for Prince Rupert, the coastal areas of the North Coast and Haida Gwaii the one forecast fits all model will remain in place.

Inland areas of the North Coast however seem to provide for a range of forecast challenges and with that in mind, Environment Canada now features more detailed forecasts for the North in Stewart, the Central area in Terrace and the southern portion of the region for Kitimat.

The main theme towards the change to the previous forecast delivery is to issue more targeted alerts when severe weather situations may come along.

For the most part it would seem that the largest benefit for then expanded forecast zones will come in the winter season, when winter storms make for treacherous conditions throughout much of the inland regions of the Northwest.

Some background to the new changes in the Forecast system can be found here.

The Inland areas of the North Coast
are one of a number of areas in BC
that Environment Canada has expanded on
their forecast delivery system.

A tutorial on how Environment Canada reviews approaching weather and delivers their forecasts and warnings can be found here.

You can explore some of the more severe weather items we have tracked in the past from our Weather Archive page here.

Council to consider Closed meetings process at tonight's session

Earlier this month we noted Councillor Blair Mirau's plans to introduce the topic of how Council approaches its Closed meetings process, with the councillor seeking some time for conversation on the theme as part of tonight's Regular Council session.

During that last session Mr. Mirau observed that he was looking to be proactive and called upon some of the recommendations from the ombudsperson's report on Best practices for Closed Council sessions as his guideline for the conversation at tonight's session.

The ten points the Councillor is putting forward for consideration as part of tonight's Agenda are as follows.

Council members won't have to do too much reference on the theme as they look to review his reading material and offer up a comment towards his thoughts on Closed meetings.

Prior to tonight's Council Session, the members attending City Hall tonight will have held a Closed Session at 6 PM, it marks the tenth time this year that they have taken to the Closed process to discuss civic concerns this year so far.

You can review more of what's ahead for tonight's council session from our preview here.

More background on City Council Discussion points can be found on our Archive page.

Council to hear proposal for cycling path to connect Civic Centre to Cow Bay/Rushbrook Trail

Looking towards McClymont Park
from the Civic Centre, an area
that would be part of a bike path
to the Cow Bay/Rushbrook area
Cyclists in the region may have their own pathway to travel by the fall of 2018, that is if a plan being put together by a local group comes together over the next few months.

If funding can be secured, the Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society has an ambitious plan in mind to rehabilitate and turn the McClymont Park Trail into a cycling path, something that has long been asked for by local cycling enthusiasts.

The project would offer  up a scenic pathway for cyclists to transit from the Civic Centre area on to the Cow Bay and Rushbrook Trail region on the east side of the city following much of the path of Hays Creek.

City Council will hear some of the details for the project tonight as Steve Millum makes a presentation to Council on the proposed path development and seek the City's approval of the concept before seeking funding from the BC Rural Dividend.

Should they get a green light from the City and secure the funding, planning and design work would start in the summer or fall of this year, and would be used for the tendering process sometime next spring.

A proposed cycling path would run along Hays Creek, from the
Civic Centre area to the Cow Bay/Rushbrook area

The Kaien Island Society made its request for an opportunity to address Council on May 8th,  some background on their proposal can be found below as part of a letter to Council.

If they receive approval and secure funding for the project, it's anticipated that it would be completed by the fall of 2018.

The Society is currently engaged in the remediation project for the Rushbrook Trail which we reviewed on the blog in February.

More of the project and an opportunity for Council members to ask questions. will be outlined as part of Council's Regular meeting tonight.

For more items related to City Council Discussion topics see our archive page here.

In addition to their website, you can learn more about the work of the Kaien Trails group from their Facebook page.

CFTK brings a familiar voice aboard as Prince Rupert reporter

Prince Rupert will soon once again be part of the news flow from the Terrace studios of CFTK TV, the position of a reporter for the North Coast has been vacant since late March when Cierra Wilson departed from her post at the Atlin Terminal offices and after a near two month job search the position is now seemingly filled.

And while it's a new face for CFTK, the voice will sound familiar for radio listeners as Bell Media brings Corey Callaghan onto the television's roster, with the newest TV reporter crossing over from the Terrace studios of radio station CFNR.

Mr. Callaghan offered up the breaking news himself with a twitter mention thanking his now former coworkers at the radio station, while looking forward to his new challenges ahead.

You can look for his contributions to the news cycle from Prince Rupert as part of the TV 7 News at 6 PM nightly.

For more items related to the media scene around the Northwest see our archive page here.

City Council Preview: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Prince Rupert City Council moved up their regularly scheduled meeting of the 29th to tonight, the agenda for the evening offering up a short list of items to be considered for the last regularly scheduled meeting of the month.

When Council members gather this evening at 7 PM, they'll be reviewing a request for a letter of support for a trail project, hear some short notes on a pair of financial items from the Finance Department and consider a pair of proclamation requests.

They will look to address the final stages of a disposition of some land off of Graham Avenue and Councillor Mirau will also present his motion for consideration related to the nature of Council's Closed meetings process.

You can review the background documentation for tonight's Regular Session from the Agenda Package here.

As it is also a Committee of the Whole night, and the public will have opportunity to ask questions of Council members at Tuesday's session.

Council will also host a Closed Session starting at 6 PM.

The Regular  Council session starts off for the evening with the adoption of agendas and minutes.

Following that requirement, the line up for the night looks as follows.

Petitions and Delegations 

Mr. Steve Millum, Vice-President, Kaien Island Enhancement and Recreation Society - Update on the McClymont Park Trail Upgrade project -- Seeking a a letter of Support for funding applications. (Page 10 of the Agenda Package)

Any Notes on Unfinished Business will follow that presentation.

Reports and Recommendations is next on the Agenda listings.

Report from the Chief Financial Officer  -- Ms. Corinne Bomben the City's CFO will provide the Financial Variance Report for April  (Page 11 of the Agenda Package)

Report from the Chief Financial Officer -- Ms. Bomben will also provide some background to a Service Provider Agreement between the City of Prince Rupert and Tourism Prince Rupert for the purpose of Liability Insurance Coverage by the Municipal Insurance Association (page 16 of the Agenda Package)

Correspondences for Action

Council will consider two requests for a letter of support from North Coast Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society seeking two proclamation request.

One to Declare June 1st as International Day in the City of Prince Rupert, the second to proclaim June 15th as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day in the City of Prince Rupert  (Pages 20 and 21 of the Agenda)

Resolutions from Closed Meetings,

Bylaws mark the next item of the Agenda on the night.

Council will receive a report from the Corporate Administrator  regarding the Park Dedication and Removal and Disposal Bylaw for an area off of Graham Avenue. The bylaw is required to all for the disposition of the subject lands. (Page 22 of the Agenda Package)

The evening then moves on to Additional Items 

The evening will come to an end with Reports, Questions and Inquiries from Members of Council.

Councillor Mirau will introduce a topic for further discussion, allowing Council members to weigh in his motion that would direct Staff to develop an In Camera communications policy, incorporating the recommendations from the Ombudsperson's best practices guide: (see the Agenda package for the full listing of those elements under review)

Council members can also take advantage of the period to offer up any items or concerns that they have for consideration on the night.

The Live broadcast of the City Council session can be found here, a video archive of past sessions is available here.

Our archive of items related to the May 23 session can be found here.

While our archive of all sessions for 2017 for Council is available here.

City Council Session: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our archive of items from the session can be found below.

Regular Session of Council for May 23, 2017

Home page and archive of sessions can be found here.

Live Broadcast of session can be found here

North Coast Review -- Preview of Session for May 23, 2017

Agenda for Regular Council Session for May 23, 2017

Agenda for the Committee of the whole session for May 23, 2017

Notice of Closed meeting for May 23, 2017

Info to Council 

May 17, 2017


Mayor Lee Brain --
Councillor Barry Cunningham --
Councillor Nelson Kinney -- 
Councillor Blair Mirau -- 
Councillor Wade Niesh --  
Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa -- 
Councillor Joy Thorkelson -- 

Minutes of Regular Session of Council, May 23, 2017  (not available yet)

Video Recording of May 23, 2017  (not available yet)

North Coast Review City Council Timeline May 23, 2017  (not available yet)

North Coast Review Items related to the May 23, 2017 Session of Council 

Council to consider closed meetings process at tonight's session
Council to hear proposal for cycling path to connect Civic Centre to Cow Bay/Rushbrook Trail area

Media items from other sources for the May 23, 2017 session can be found in our Discussion Points from City Council feature.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Real Estate Tracker: Week ending May 21, 2017

Our weekly review of the listings of the local real estate agents, tracking those properties which appear to be driving the local price structure for the North Coast.

Every Monday, we look over the listing prices of the past seven days and outline the Top 10 asking prices in the area, providing a snap shot as to where the Real Estate market may be trending on a week to week basis.

The listings below are purely for information purposes, for further background on the properties recorded, see our links page for access to the individual real estate listings.

The Archive for our weekly review can be found here.

Our list of the top ten priced homes for the week ending May 21, 2017 is below:

Prince Rupert Real East  Side week ending May 21, 2017
Prince Rupert Real Estate West week ending May 21, 2017

The long weekend brings no change to the addresses of the list of ten properties of our review of the top end homes available for sale in Prince Rupert, though one property has seen a price drop, with the asking price for a Beach Place home reduced by 40,000 dollars.

As it was last week, of the collection of ten for this week, seven of the properties once can be found along the city's Graham Avenue, the waterfront listings continuing to push the overall value of the market upwards.

From the growing list of properties on Graham, two are listed at over the $800,000 mark, with two others noted as above the 750,000 mark

The top end listings for this week fined nine properties to the west side of the McBride Street dividing line, leaving the east side listings to count just one on the list of the last seven days.

With the change, the lower range of pricing shifts to a value of $475,000, while our top end from the last week is again listed at $829,000.

Below find our findings as of the Week ending May 21, 2017

2280 Graham Avenue                   $829,000 --   Remax
2200 Graham Avenue                   $810,000 --   Remax
1830 Graham Avenue                   $799,000 --   Realty Executives
1881 Graham Avenue                   $750,000 --   Remax
1810 Graham Avenue                   $660,000  --  Remax
1208 Beach Place                          $549,000 --  Remax
1805 Graham Avenue                   $562,000  --  Royal Lepage
613 Cassiar Avenue                      $495,000 --  Remax
1724 Graham Avenue                   $489,000 --  Remax
1424 11th Avenue East                 $475,000 -- Remax
For more items related to Real Estate see our archive page here.

For background on Housing issues in the region see our past items here.