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Education 2017 -- Northwest Community College Archive

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to Education at the college level on the North Coast. With a focus on NWCC  and other providers of post secondary education in the region.
2017 NWCC Notes


August 17 -- NWCC Prince Rupert campus builds foundation for fall trades program NCR
August 15 -- Changing Arctic requires global action
August 9 -- NWCC's workforce training in Prince Rupert puts focus on marine programs  NCR


July 30 -- 'The emotional connection was lost;' Terrace college dropping Thunderbird logo
July 27 -- Northwest Community College phases out Thunderbird logo as culturally inappropriate (audio)
July 24 -- Say farewell to the NWCC Thunderbird  NCR
July 13 -- NWCC to phase out use of Thunderbird symbol (NWCC info release)
July 10 -- NWCC awaits budget word
July 6 -- School district, college continue homestay search
July 3 -- Northwestern B.C. college intensifies international student recruitment




May 25 -- Hereditary Chief Na'moks accepts NWCC alumni award
May 24 -- 10,000 dollars in scholarship opportunities available from NWCC  NCR
May 18 -- NWCC celebrates Grads success today at Prince Rupert campus  NCR
May 17 -- NWCC closes Houston campus (video)
May 17 -- NWCC official says Overall Enrollment is up, despite impending closure of Houston Campus
May 17 -- NWCC to Close Houston Campus
May 17 -- NWCC reduces campus locations with closure of Houston Learning Centre  NCR
May 16 -- NWCC Houston Campus sees September enrollment of Zero prompting a June closure
May 16 -- Northwest Community college to close Houston Learning Centre (NWCC info release)
May 3 -- International Education Partnership  (NWCC info release)


April 22 -- Freda Diesing students receive NWCC President's Award (NWCC info release)
April 19 -- NWCC to offer a test drive of the Terrace campus for graduating Seniors  NCR
April 18 -- NWCC Prince Rupert to host traditional Medicine Walk on Wednesday  NCR
April 10 -- College trades reno project now underway in Terrace
April 10 -- Graduation season at NWCC means Awards to be handed out  NCR
April 5 -- Northwestern BC college prepares to change name
April 5 -- Northwest Community College narrows its  name change list to four  NCR


March 27 -- Community connections (NWCC info release)
March 6 -- Kitkatla Cooks NWCC info release)
March 1 -- Northwest Community College Students worried about future its library


February 28 -- B.C. Federation of Students calling on province to properly fund adult basic education (audio)
February 28 -- NWCC "Open the Doors" Open House in Terrace (video)
February 28 -- 'Open the Doors' at NWCC Aims to Make Post-Secondary More Accessible
February 17 -- NWCC students to seek city's help in campaign for Basic Education  NCR
February 8 -- Northwest Community College looking at a name change (audio)
February 9 -- NWCC looks at a name change to stay competitive internationally
February 9 -- Northwest Community college has expansion plans and maybe a name change on the horizon for the region  NCR
February 8 -- Northwest Community College looking at a name change (audio)
February 6 -- NWCC in Smithers offers free job training program
February 1 -- College to change name

January 16 -- NWCC uses video presentation to focus on Prince Rupert program of Applied Coasstal Ecology  NCR

Notes of Other Post Secondary trades training options on the North Coast 


March 13 -- Nicola Valley Institute considers Northern expansion  NCR

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