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Education 2017 -- School District 52 / Annunciation School Archives / Lax Kw'alams 2017

Our quick reference and archive of items pertaining to Education on the North Coast and in British Columbia.

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News Items of Note

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June 28 -- SD52 recognizes long serving and retiring employees  NCR
June 27 -- Fraser Institute's Secondary School's report card places CHSS in lower tier of achievement  NCR
June 21 -- Prince Rupert Teachers' Union raises concerns for SD52 Board  NCR
June 21 -- SD52 addresses unusual activity related to School Board server  NCR
June 21 -- SD52 Board receives reports on Capital planning, School plans and Vancouver field trip  NCR

June 5 -- SD52 outlines concerns and offers advice for parents on theme of Netflix series "Thirteen Reasons Why"   NCR
June 5 -- Annunciation School looking to fill teaching positions for September  NCR


May 31 -- Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc responds to criticism surrounding changes to salmon in the classroom program in B.C. (audio)
May 30 -- Conservative critic Todd Doherty calls cuts to classroom salmon programs 'deeply troubling' (audio)
May 30 -- Teachers upset by cuts to salmon in the classroom program (audio)
May 30 -- SD52 seeking bids for Conrad School roof replacement project  NCR
May 26 -- Charles Hays Grads take to the Lester Centre tonight in celebration of a final year done and a new beginning ahead  NCR
May 17 -- CHSS Drama offers one more viewing of FREAK for Prince Rupert audience  NCR
May 12 -- As Graduation season looms, Hiring season is in full bloom at SD52  NCR
May 9 -- SD52 joins other School Districts in call for additional funding for Aboriginal education  NCR
May 6 -- Juveniles releasing juvenile ... salmon
May 3 -- Departures and Admin changes ahead for SD 52  NCR


April 20 -- 2017's Grads to showcase their talent Friday night at the Lester Centre NCR
April 19 -- Capital funding and calendar approvals among SD52 meeting notes  NCR
April 19 -- NWCC to offer a test drive of the Terrace campus for graduating Seniors  NCR
April 6 -- Charles Hays students to commemorate history at Vimy Ridge this weekend  NCR
April 6 -- SD52 to receive funding for trades equipment  NCR
April 4 -- On line protection the theme this week for SD52 students  NCR
April 3 --Patti Bacchus says B.C. government needs to take earthquake risk to schools more seriously (audio)


March 31 -- Middle school replacement hopes become political cudgel for North Coast election campaign  NCR
March 28 -- Conrad, Lax Keen received funding boosts from province
March 17 -- Public invited to take the new School District website out for a test drive NCR
March 16 -- PRMS Update (video)
March 16 -- Petition for replacement of PRMS delivered to Legislature by MLA  NCR
March 15 -- Class sizes to shrink but trouble finding teachers
March 14 -- School District notes need for help in filling positions in wake of BCTF agreement  NCR
March 13 -- Teacher recruitment, Aboriginal education among themes from recent SD52 meeting  NCR
March 9 -- SD52 hosts Budget Consultation session at Charles Hays Secondary tonight  NCR
March 9 -- School District takes PRMS replacement quest to Minister of Education NCR
March 7 -- Charles Hays Drama find success in Terrace, move on to Provincials  NCR
March 3 -- North Coast MLA calls on education minister to replace Prince Rupert Middle School (audio)
March 3 -- Prince Rupert Middle School replacement calls (video)
March  3 -- Jennifer Rice renews call for replacement of Prince Rupert Middle School  NCR
March 1 -- Superintendent Jones retiring; highlights from February school board meeting


February 22 -- Prince Rupert Middle School Replacement quest (video)
February 22 -- School district forced to juggle due to teacher shortage
February 21 -- Prince Rupert issues make for Throne Speech response from MLA Rice  NCR
February 21 -- Two nights of climbing a Bean Stalk with Jack, along with the rest of the cast and crew from Annunciation school NCR
February 20 -- Change coming to the top position at SD52  NCR
February 20 -- SD52 expecting decision  on Prince Rupert Middle School replacement  NCR
February 20 -- School District Meeting covers range of topics for February  NCR
February 15 -- The Power of Ideas ... on display at CHSS this week  NCR
February 14 -- Annunciation remains atop Prince Rupert listings as Fraser Institute releases 2017  Elementary rankings  NCR
February 10 -- Innovative science tour coming to Prince Rupert
February 2 -- SD52 offers up some background information on Budget issues and process  NCR


January 31 -- Conrad School's Cardboard Challenge (video)
January 27 -- School District 52 seeks public input on Budget themes  NCR
January 19 -- Video Project celebrates past Graduates of SD52  NCR
January 16 -- British Columbia's School Districts do their math; make their plans for funding allocation  NCR
January 13 -- School District 52 to set course for Budget consultations for 2017  NCR
January 12 -- School District 52 opens consultation process to determine length of Spring Break  NCR
January 6 -- Inclusive education the theme at CHSS meeting  (video)
January 6 -- Government and BCTF work out the details on 50 million dollars in returns to education  NCR
January 5 -- Discussion on Diversifying education taking place in Prince Rupert (audio)
January 3 -- Educational speaker to explore themes of diversity and inclusion at Prince Rupert session Thursday  NCR

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