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From the House of Commons 2017 Archive

Items of Note, both local and national about the work of Nathan Cullen, the NDP MP for Skeena - Bulkley Valley in the capital, as well as other items from the Federal Governments actions which may impact on the Northwest.

Skeena Bulkley Valley
MP Nathan Cullen (NDP)
Skeena-Bulkley Valley website
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General Overview of notes of interest from the Federal Political Scene

Items from the Electoral Reform files (notes on the work of the Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP on electoral reform)



April 3 -- The push back for electoral reform NCR
April 3 -- Electoral reform hopes kept alive as Nathan Cullen leads the charge  NCR


March 27 -- Nathan Cullen isn't giving up on democratic reform (audio)
March 24 -- Cullen launches Cross-Canada Tour to Save Electoral reform
March 24 -- Cullen continues battle to change Canada's voting system
March 23 -- Feds asleep as fishing crisis looms
March 23 -- Nathan Cullen planning Town-Hall meetings across Canada to Save electoral reform
March 23 -- Nathan Cullen presents electoral reform petition to Parliament  NCR
March 22 -- Northern BC MPs criticize federal budget
March 22 -- NDP Deputy Finance Critic Nathan Cullen calls Today's budget Speech the Backload budget
March 22 -- Federal budget shows lack of Liberal campaign promises: Critic
March 2 -- Nathan Cullen assigned additional role with NDP caucus in Ottawa  NCR
March 1 -- MP Nathan Cullen takes on new roles amid NDP leadership race


February 28 -- NWCC 'Open the Doors' Open House (video)
February 17 -- Electoral reform? What electoral reform? NCR
February 16 -- European Trade Deal could get Canada sued by Foreign Companies: MP Nathan Cullen
February 15 -- MP Nathan Cullen concerned Trudeau dropped the ball in recent visit with Trump
February 15 -- MP Nathan Cullen throws his support behind Terrace Hospital expansion plans (video)
February 15 -- MP Nathan Cullen discusses latest census numbers (audio)
February 14 -- Nathan Cullen's Terrace forum looks at electoral reform   (video)
February 11 -- Fight for electoral reform continues 
February 13 -- Nathan Cullen hosts Trump Forum in Terrace  (video)
February 9 -- Cullen talks Trump (video)
February 7 -- Electoral reform betrayal
February 7 -- Petition calls for Federal government to uphold electoral reform promise
February 6 -- Liberal's Electoral Reform decision remains contentious issue for MP Nathan Cullen NCR
February 2 -- PM acted like a "spoiled child' in dismissing electoral reform: Cullen
February 1 -- Cullen calls Trudeau a Liar, After PM abandons Electoral Reform Promise
February 1 -- MP Nathan Cullen calls Trudeau's broken electoral reform promise a betrayal


January 31 -- Nathan Cullen pitches all-party bill on electoral reform
January 24 -- Cullen on NDP leadership (video)
January 20 -- Northwestern BC NDP MP still not interested in leadership bid
January 19 -- Toboggan Creek Fish Hatchery under threat of closing 
January 19 -- Toboggan Creek Hatchery (video)
January 19 -- MP Nathan Cullen and Smithers Hatchery raise concerns about lack of funding (audio)
January 19 -- MP Nathan Cullen pressures Feds to Fund Fish Hatcheries
January 16 -- MP Nathan Cullen calls possible plans for shipping LNG out of Ridley a 'good first step'  NCR
January 9 -- AltaGas project gets seal of approval from Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP  NCR
January 7 -- Cullen gives proposed Propane Export Terminal Big Thumbs Up
January 6 -- MP Nathan Cullen welcomes AltaGas Ridley Island Propane Export Facility

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