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Industrial Development 2017 -- Port of Prince Rupert

Our quick reference and archive of items related to the operation, expansion and proposed developments of the Port of Prince Rupert

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August 1 -- Familiar face and voice for the Port Authority set to chart course for new adventures  NCR


July 26 -- Port and partners put 1 million dollars to work on Seal Cove/Rushbrook Trail plan  NCR
July 25 -- Port maintenance and warehouse complex rises on city's west side  NCR
July 12 -- DP World, Port of Prince Rupert in Vancouver court as part of Hajin hearing  NCR
July 11 -- Mega deal in shipping industry could reap benefits for Port of Prince Rupert  NCR
July 11 -- Port hails another milestone for Fairview Container Terminal  NCR
July 7 -- Port issues Statement and Apology related to effects of a Five Day Burn on Ridley Island  NCR


June 24 -- Seafarers' Mission hosts Prince Rupert's celebration of International Seafarers Day NCR
June 23 -- Port outlines planning for Fairview Terminal container truck bypass route  NCR
June 23 -- Port Authority meeting offers global vision; along with a strong community focus  NCR
June 20 -- North Coast Convention Centre to host Port of Prince Rupert's yearly overview tonight  NCR


May 15 -- Federal Government moves forward with North Coast/Haida Gwaii oil tanker ban  NCR
May 12 -- The next chapter for the Fairview Container Port Story arrives Saturday NCR
May 11 -- Amazon seems to have a plan that will change the world of container shipping  NCR
May 8 -- Phase Two Cranes on their way to Fairview
May 3 -- Port of Prince Rupert exploring 'gas station,' not oil terminal 
May 2 -- Gallery moving, yes, but not kicked out


April 14 -- Fisherman reports oil slick from the port expansion
April 13 -- From the Port to the Court! New Supreme Court of BC Justice announced for Prince Rupert  NCR
April 5 -- As the U.S. looks to reopen NAFTA, Conservative leadership candidate sees potential clouds ahead for Canada's ports  NCR


March 22 -- Provincial assessment process remains significant irritant for City Council members  NCR
March 22 -- 'Cursed by  history' no more
March 20 -- 40 jobs estimated for new agricultural port operation
March 20 -- Port of Prince Rupert to expand Agricultural shipments as Quebec company announces Ridley Island facility  NCR


February 16 -- Fairview Terminal the focus for early North Coast campaign  NCR
February 7 -- Lights, Curtain, Funding ... as Lester Centre celebrates Year 30  NCR


January 30 -- 8 tried and true ways to build a container terminal
January 26 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority introduces new safety initiative for local mariners  NCR
January 23 -- Prince Rupert Port Authority Community Investment Fund application process now open for 2017  NCR
January 18 -- Pellet Terminal proof of port plan

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