Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Municipal Government 2017 -- District of Port Edward

Our archive of items related to Municipal Government issues in the District of Port Edward for 2017.



May 19 -- Wampler Way Bypass proposal now taking public comment  NCR
May 4 -- City points towards external issues when it comes to financial pressures  NCR


April 13 -- Include Port Edward in Watson Island plans: Mayor MacDonald
April 5 -- Cannery received $75,000 grant for Canada 150
April 4 -- North Pacific Cannery Historical Site to receiver $75,000 grant  NCR


March 30 -- Progress on Port Edward work camp (video)
March 29 -- Port Edward Seniors Centre and tidying lots a work in progress
March 22 -- Port Edward looks like junkyard: Brown
March 20 -- Prince Rupert, Port Edward infrastructure projects included in Friday funding announcement  NCR
March 14 -- Cannery prepares for a big summer
March 10 -- Port Edward Council in brief
March 2 -- LandSea camp for AltaGas propane project moves into Port Edward


February 15 -- Prince Rupert, Port Edward population drops
February 14 -- Auditor puts Port Edward under the microscope
February 8 -- Census shows decline in population on North Coast
February 8 -- Statistics Canada Census results show Prince Rupert area population continues to decrease NCR
February 2 -- Local government review offers up suggestions for Port Edward council  NCR


January 23 -- Ridley Terminals donates $250K to support rail crossing upgrades
January 20 -- North Coast Health care  ... lost in translation
January 10 -- Port Edward property assessments skyrocket
January 9 -- Property assessment increases of 6.5% for Prince Rupert; 14.86 for Port Edward for 2017 NCR

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