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From the Legislature 2017

Items of note from our elected officials at the Provincial Legislature and developments on the political scene in the northwest ridings.

For Notes on the Skeena Riding see our archive page here.

North Coast
MLA Jennifer Rice (NDP MLA)
Member of the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth
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General Overview Notes on the British Columbia Political Scene

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June 8 -- North Coast MLA looking forward to the Legislature return June 22nd  NCR


May 29 -- Political pundit doesn't see stars aligning for a North Coast cabinet position  NCR
May 10 -- North Coast returns Jennifer rice to the Legislature NCR

April (For campaign coverage through April and May see our North Coast Votes archives above) March

March 20 -- MLA Rice's home mailer touts recent efforts from the Legislature  NCR
March 17 -- With an end to the 40th Parliament, MLA's bid farewell to the Legislature and head out to the campaign trail  NCR
March 16 -- PRMS update  (video)
March 16 -- Petition for replacement of PRMS delivered to Legislature by MLA  NCR
March 14 -- North Coast MLA calls MSP premiums an unfair tax,; reaffirms NDP calls for removal NCR
March 13 -- North Coast remains a two party race heading to May  NCR
March 10 -- MLA Rice on Women in Leadership  (video)
March 8 -- MLA Rice renews call for adjacency in the Pacific Fishery NCR
March 7 -- MLA Rice speaks to adoption Amendment Act during Legislature session  NCR
March 4 -- City's Watson Island news generates favourable review from Provincial election candidates  NCR
March 3 -- North Coast MLA calls on education minister to replace Prince Rupert Middle School (audio)
March 3 -- Prince Rupert Middle School replacement calls (video)
March  3 -- Jennifer Rice renews call for replacement of Prince Rupert Middle School  NCR
March  3 -- Mills Memorial hospital announcement makes for a current in the North Coast election campaign stream  NCR

March 1 -- MLA Rice examines many themes in busy Tuesday session at Legislature  NCR


February 28 -- As long as the kids keep playing basketball, MLA Rice will have something to share with the Legislature  NCR
February 25 -- North Coast views on Budget highlight different opinions on similar themes  NCR
February 23 -- Province awards contract for Prince Rupert's Big Pave project to Okanagan firm  NCR
February 23 -- The Strike Force get a Legislature shout out from MLA Rice  NCR
February 21 -- Prince Rupert issues make for Throne Speech response from MLA Rice  NCR
February 21 -- Budget Day to blaze the way to Election Day  NCR
February 21 -- MLA's Rice and Donaldson exchange All Native Tournament Toasts in the Legislature  NCR
February 21 -- B.C. Ferries to increase sailings for Prince Rupert-Skidegate run  NCR
February 20 -- BC Liberals framing North Coast and Northwest issues as a key theme in upcoming election  NCR
February 20 -- SD52 expecting decision on Prince Rupert Middle School replacement plan  NCR
February 17 -- MLA Rice pays tribute to Prince Rupert Women's Vigil of Valentine's Day NCR
February 16 -- Fairview Terminal the focus for early North Coast campaign  NCR
February 15 -- BC's Liberal Government signs LNG agreements with Lax Kw'alaams and Metlakatla First Nation  NCR
February 15 -- Legislature back in session with election premonitions relayed through Throne Speech  NCR
February 9 -- Northwest Community college has expansion plans and maybe a name change on the horizon for the region  NCR
February 8 -- Councillor Cunningham raises concerns over potential health service losses, should the status of Terrace hospital change  NCR

January 31 -- NDP make nomination official; as North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice acclaimed for 2017 election race  NCR
January 31 -- North Coast First Nations sign agreement with Federal government on environmental protection for PNW LNG project  NCR
January 31 -- Province of British Columbia still hopeful that North Coast hops onboard the Highway 16 Shuttle Bus plan  NCR
January 30 -- New political movement ImagineX calls for British Columbians to look at a different approach to provincial politics  NCR
January 30 -- NDP MLA's Rice and Mark to attend community lunch at Nisga'a Hall today  NCR
January 27 -- Expanded duties for Jennifer Rice (video)
January 27 -- John Horgan announces NDP shadow cabinet (audio)
January 27 -- NDP's John Horgan adds northern economic development to MLA Jennifer Rice's Shadow Cabinet responsibilities  NCR
January 25 -- Clark engaged in a game of name-calling, divisiveness
January 25 -- Clark promising infrastructure for Rupert
January 25 -- There is no question
January 25 -- Herb Pond wins B.C. Liberals' nomination
January 25 -- Premier's visit to Lax Kw'alaams first since 1999
January 24 -- Herb Pond departs BG Group (video)
January 23 -- Herb Pond wins North Coast nomination race  (video)
January 21 -- Herb Pond chosen as North Coast Liberal Candidate for Provincial election (audio)
January 21 -- Herb Pond wins B.C. Libearl North Coast Nomination
January 20 -- North Coast Liberals send Herb Pond to the campaign trail  NCR
January 19 -- Premier Clark visits Prince Rupert, Lax Kw'alaams (video)
January 19 -- From Lax Kw'alaams, Premier Clark outlines a potential campaign narrative for the North Coast  NCR
January 18 -- Premier Clark heralds 'Durable Partnership' with Lax Kw'alaams during community visit NCR
January 18 -- MP Nathan Cullen closely watching provincial election campaign (audio)
January 18 -- Premier Christy Clark visits Lax Kw'alaams (audio)
January 18 -- Premier Clark and Minister Rich Coleman on North Coast today  NCR
January 17 -- North Coast Nomination  (video)
January 16 -- North Coast Liberals head into home stretch of nomination campaign  NCR

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